May 2010 : Zero Pressure – Too far east is west - curated by NG - at Nadine - Brussels

ZERO PRESSURE – Nadine - Brussels

featuring performances by Antoine Boute-Jean Philippe Convert-Rémi Marie-Loreto Martínez Troncoso-Jerome Mauche-Erik Minkkinen-Hendrik Sturm-Peter Verwimp-Johanna Weissenrieder ---

Our "mental ship" will head out on a west-north-west course and journey through a series of subjectivity bubbles – the subjectivity of each artist-performer On the “boat” there will be performances, stories, victuals and a bar, hammocks and mattresses for you to rest on, showers and two kitchens --

...Dans les civilisations sans bateaux les rêves se tarissent , l'espionnage y remplace l'aventure, et la police les corsaires...MF